E-design: An Affordable Alternative in Interior Design

A Guest Post By - Jeanne Campana

Your living spaces are a distinct expression of your personality and style. So when it comes to making your home beautiful as well as functional, hiring an interior designer is a great investment. Designers have an ability to carefully listen to what you want and interpret their creative visions to you. But is hiring a design professional affordable to everyone?

There are many misconceptions about what interior designers do and what they cost, preventing people from seeking guidance from a skilled professional. If you like the idea of working with an interior designer but the cost is out of your reach or you want more control over the design process, there are alternatives that you can consider and E-design may be the perfect solution.

In today’s current market, many designers are integrating virtual design into their services. E-design has become a growing trend because it allows people to access an affordable alternative to full service design. Floor plans, furniture selections, color palettes and links to available online products can be delivered directly to your email for a flat fee from the convenience of your own home.

Is E-design right for you?

Good candidates for the virtual design process should have the confidence to execute the design plan and trust the process. With more and more clients willing to take on DIY projects, E-design allows you to recreate a high end designer look for much less. Once you have the design plan, you can take some time to process the ideas. The design can then be implemented at your own pace, over time, when your budget allows, and at your convenience.

Projects that involve major remodeling may not be a good fit for E-design services.  It’s difficult to help clients implement design ideas that involve moving or removing structural elements such as walls, doors and windows. These ideas need on-site experts who can help with measuring and assessing the scope of work. We are also not equipped to recommend electrical or plumbing alterations online as these services require licensed professionals.

How does E-design work?

You send in measurements, photos and drawings of your space, along with inspiration images, your budget and a completed questionnaire. Proposed design fees are quoted based on the scope of work and range anywhere between $450 for a small bathroom or entryway to $1500 for a large living room or bedroom. Proposed design fees are paid in full before the design process begins and all information and correspondence is submitted via email. Depending on your designer’s projected timeframe, you will receive a personalized design plan with furniture layout, suggestions for furniture and color palette, ideas for refurbishing your existing furniture as needed, and sources for items presented, from furniture and paint to artwork and accessories.


As an interior designer, I can tell you first hand that the process of E-design is a collaborative effort. Before hiring an online designer, there are some helpful tips that you will need to know.


It’s important to spend time researching pictures of rooms, furniture items and color palettes that you really love. Collecting photos on social media platforms such as Houzz and Pinterest and emailing them to your designer also provides a visual tool to convey your ideas. The more direction the designer has, the easier the process will be and the happier you will be with the final design for the room.  


Designers have an infinite number of resources available and can filter the many options that available in today’s online markets. Being upfront with your budget allows us to source the best possible options for your project.


Set realistic expectations on when you would like to complete your project. Once we receive all your information, your E-design package will be sent via email in about 4-6 weeks.


Communication skills are an essential part of the process. Being able to verbalize your likes and dislikes is important in making decisions and communicating by email makes things quick and easy. If you plan your project carefully with an interior designer, in the end, it will save you time and money.


Finally, trust your interior designer. We are here to create your vision with the knowledge and resources that we have compiled throughout our experiences. Embrace the process and know that we will do everything possible to create a home you will truly enjoy.

Author – Jeanne Campana – She is the principal designer at Jeanne Campana Design specializing in high end residential interiors and E-design. She believes that everyone deserves to have a beautiful living space and design should be both accessible and affordable. Visit her website at www.jeannecampanadesign.com, or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. Lastly, to find out more about Jeanne’s E-Design services you can visit: jeannecampanadesign.com/e-design/


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